Foraminus Foraminus Foraminus

Thanet District Council has commissioned Foraminus Foraminus Foraminus by Rachel Wilberforce funded by Heritage Lottery as a temporary installation within the frontage of Dreamland Cinema, Margate. Rachel Wilberforce’s artwork consists of two large-scale double collage installations of abstracted historic imagery of Dreamland, light-boxes and glazing. The work takes the cinematic experience and architecture of the cinema as its departure point and juxtaposes its Expressionist and Art Deco influences with Dreamland's rich cultural references.

 As well as an intervention with the physical building, the light-boxes use lights sourced from Dreamland itself; further incorporating the actual site. The interplay between the physicality of the cinema and the park is echoed in the photo-sculptural work in drawing on aspects of containment and rigour, play and escape alongside memory and reflectivity. The installation will be on display throughout the summer.